Second, the winter Olympic Games

The twenty winter Olympic Games on February 10 in the northern Italian city of Du Lin debut. From skiing, skating to ice hockey, national players in the Alps foothills show great talent, wonderful can be expected. (Http://www.torino2006.org)

Three, day full eclipse

This year on March 29, the day of the eclipse once missed, the next time to wait until two years later in August. The last day of the eclipse path from Brazil in South America, all the way through the Atlantic, Central Africa, the Mediterranean, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan, the final sun will be in Russia and Mongolia border to reproduce the light. (Http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/eclipse.html)

Four, Mozart two hundred and fifty birthday

The greatest genius of classical music Mozart, January 27 to two hundred and fifty birthday, the Austrian capital of Vienna as his second home, specially planning for up to eleven months of “Mozart” , The program includes concerts, plays, movies, etc., with his former residence as the center of the “Vienna Mozart House” will also be officially open. (Http://www.wienmozart2006.at)